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Best Eye Protection Extension For Chrome!

Which is the best eye protection extension for chrome? This question might be coming from people who work for a long time using their chrome browser and want to protect their eyes from the light.

I’m also one of those who work up to 10-13 hours per day online using a chrome browser, and I’m also want to protect my eye from the Harmful rays.

So what’s the solution? Can extensions be perfect for protecting our eyes? If I am honest, a reasonable extension can protect our vision when we work with the Chrome browser!

Let’s share some of the best eye protection extension for chrome with you that will help you save your eye!

Note: I’m currently using Night Eye, which is, I think, very good for Eye! So you can use the tool in your browser by adding it. Click here to add the extension to your browser.

Top Five Best Eye Protection Extensions For Chrome:

  1. Screen Shader
  2. Night Eye
  3. Night Mode Eye Guard
  4. Midnight Lizard
  5. Luna Reader

1. Screen Shader: The Number One Best Eye Protector for Chrome

This chrome extension offers an orange color brightness to protect your eye and appease your brain’s day or night cycle.

Screen Shader is an open-source Chrome extension used by thousands of chrome users and has excellent customer feedback.

The tool will help you to kicks it up a notch by letting you dim the complete web page, both texts, and photos. And its ability to automatically detect your current location and starts working at night time, when a bright screen causes your eye strain the most.

All you need to use the extension is just click on the right side icon to get its settings. It automatically lets you tweak shade colors and gives the ability to set up a different environment for different websites.

Click here to get the extension on your chrome browser now!

2. Night Eye: The Complete Solution For Making Your Browser Dark

Night Eye is one of my favorite Eye protectors for chrome browser, and I’m currently using the extension. One of the main attractions of the extension is its help me for making my entire browser dark.

It offers significant protection for my eyes thanks to the smooth and user-friendly dark theme. It also provides a variety of filters like blue light filters and many more other customization features.

The Night Eye chrome extension somewhat particular than others on this list because it comes with unmatched customer services even you use their free plan.

I have seen they update their extension regularly to improve their product quality, and you’ll get their automatic updates, so you don’t have to worry about the updates.

3. Night Mode Eye Guard

It’s an eye care chrome extension that will darken the complete site you visit so that the omnipresent colorlessness of the web isn’t hurting your two eyes when visiting and reading content at night time.

The background colors will be turned into mild grayish tones, while your site’s text to white with hints of a gray color.

Don’t worry; the images aren’t going to be changed. On the picture above night mode option, this tool is active on ILoveFreeSoftware. You’ll love the color matching also, and you won’t get back article on a black colored background.

4. Midnight Lizard

Midnight Lizard help to create any custom color schemes for all sites like a blue light filter, night mode, dark themes, screen shader, and more!

One of the most advanced features of this eye-protecting chrome extension is its work on all the websites you visit, and you can use different colors on each website.

When you visit a website with the extension, you can improve your accessibility and readability, and also you can increase contrast to make the website’s content more comfortable to read.

There is some shortcut way to use the extension, just follow these keyboard shortcuts to use the tool in your current website, Alt+Shift+L, and globally keyboard shortcut is like Alt+Shift+M.

Tips: When you use the tool, I recommend that you use simplified mode to improve user-experience on heavy websites like Facebook.

5. Luna Reader

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward chrome extension to protect your Eye from the Harmful rays, Luna Reader would be the simple solution!

Luna Reader will put a pure dark theme on all types of sites and is suitable for working at dark and night reader for online book reading or new reading.

Like others on this list of the best Eye protection extensions for chrome, it also can be customized, it has a night shift mode that will change your website color to warmer, and it will also make the website much more pleasing to watch.

It is so simple to activate the light and dark mode with a simple keyboard shortcut, and one more thing that you might love about the extension is you can set up a schedule for each night and dark theme, and also you can decide when you want to auto-start dark mode.


The eye is an essential part of our body, and that’s why we should take care of our Eyes very clearly; otherwise, you may lose your Eye power very soon!

But what’s the best way to protect our Eyes when we work in the chrome browser? The main protecting option can be using a useful extension like.,