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What Are The Best Website Builders For Free | Top 10 Best Free Website Builders!

Creating a website with a website builder for free, it’s going to be more fun and more enjoyable for you!

Today, I will share a list of the top 10 best free website builders that work 100% and offer several advanced features for designing and more.

So if you ask me what the best website builders are for free, then just read the entire post and choose your favorite builder from the list!

What are The Best Website Builders For Free?

Here’s the list of the top ten free website builders that will help you create a good-looking website free of cost!

Before we go into the post, let me show you a simple comparison section to understand better which one will offer you more features over your site!

WIX: Wix will offer you 500MB free hosting, free SSL certificate, free support from their community.

But when you create your site with their builder, you have to put their ads banner on the top of your website header, and there are no options for selling products with their free plan.

Weebly: Weebly will also offer you their 500MB space for creating your site very quickly, and they support selling your products online with their free plan and free SSL includes.

But you have to put their ads on the sidebar of your site.

2. Weebly

3. WordPress

WordPress: with 3GB free hosting space, you’ll get free SSL for security, there is no option for selling products online, and they will show their ads banner on your site.

SITE123: With 500MB hosting space, they also provide free SSL with their open plan.

But there is no option for selling anything, and you have to put their ads banner on the bottom section of your site.

4. SITE123

5. Mozello

Mozello: You can sell up to 3-5 products with 500MB space with their free plan, but there is no SSL, and you must have to show their banner on your site.

Strikingly: They support selling just 1 product with 500MB hosting space, and there is no free SSL option with their open plan, and you have to put their ads banner on your website’s sidebar.

6. Strikingly

7. Webnode

Webnode: they allow you to get access to 100MB hosting space and gives you a free SSL certificate.

Jimdo: They offer free SSL with 500MB hosting but do not provide products selling options, and you have to put their ads banner on the footer section of your site.

8. Jimdo

9. Simplicity

Simplicity: SimpleSIte allows you to create a maximum of 15 pages and offer products selling options where you can sell up to 4-5 products.

But there is free SSL, and you have to mention their ads banner on the bottom section of your site.

But there is no option for selling products, and you have to show their ads banner on the bottom section of your website.

IM Creator: They provide unlimited hosting space with no ads facility, but there is no SSL certificate and online product selling facility.

10. IM Creator

1. WIX: The Number #1 Free Website Building Tool

WIX Free Website Builder

This is just the coolest website building tools that allow you to create a website from scratch, and this is why it’s at the top of my list.

You may be surprised to know one thing about WIX is that this platform is used by 110 million website owners!

Wix is a completely hosted platform that provides an easy to use drag-and-drop editor and the biggest collection of excellent and professional-looking website templates.

So you can choose your perfect one that will meet your needs!

You’ll also get the Builtin Google Analytics that will help you monitor your site and offer some additional apps for individual preferences.

One of the most significant downsides of this platform is it doesn’t come ad-free, that means when you create a site using the WIX, you have to put their ads banner or ads text on your site permanently.

But as you know, nothing is free, so WIX is just a great and free website builder tool for the beginner who doesn’t have any previous experience building any website.

Now, would you like to use WIX as your favorite website building tool? Just click here to see their free plan and their pro plans if you want more features than their free option.

But I think their free plan will be best for you if you want to make a simple and professional-looking site.

#2: Weebly: The Best Free Website Building Tool For Small Business

Weebly Free Website Builder

Weebly is one of the open-source web building platforms that provide domain registration, web hosting, web design, and eCommerce solutions.

Weebly is perfect for small business and startup, but these functions are just available with their paid plan.

But if you want to make a simple or a blog site with Weebly, you can do this with their free plan without any hassle.

Because it’s an incredibly flexible and website building tool that helps us to create a responsive website.

Like other website builders, this one also has a drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy to use and comfortable website building facilities.

Weebly comes with some of the advanced SEO tools that help to get rank on google.

Moreover, Weebly also comes with so many free web temples so that you can choose the best one from their temple library.

If you ask me about Weebly’s beautiful central part, I would like to tell you that it’s a beginner-friendly tool that helps the new people build websites using a web builder.

#3. WordPress.Com: One of My Personal Recommended Website Building Platforms

Wordpress Free Website Builder

WordPress, the blogging platform’s name, the name of pro blogging space, the name of the blogging world!

Yes! WordPress.Com is where bloggers believe that it is all in one place for building blogging sites for free in a few moments.

It’s used for creating blogging website for free that allows you to connect your custom domain name with their platform, 

But if you would like to make a completely free site and don’t want to buy any premium domain name, don’t worry, because, with, you can create your site with their-owned URL like

With wordpress, you can design a visually stunning site, landing pages, blog sites. If you want to place assets like contact forms, embedded content, video, audio, you can do these very easily.

Why is WordPress.Com My Personal Recommended Website Building Platform?

One of the reasons for it’s recommended tool is provides an easy to understand controlling website dashboard that you can manage even if you are a non-coder.


WordPress is great for people who have less design experience like me! And when you create a website with wordpress, you can build a professional-looking site using some of the wordpress recommended themes.

4#. SITE123: Offers A Professional-looking Site In A Few Moment:

site123 Website Builder

This is the easiest to use and the intuitive website designing tool on the current market that will help you handle everything from site structures to design.

One of the best parts of this web builder tool is that the editor of Site123 is much more efficient than other traditional drag-and-drop site builders.

Because they provide you their CMS (Content Management System) to establishing your online presence.

They offer a one-click installation wizard with graphics and so many themes and temples.

Most peoples love their free-stoke image library, easy customization options to changing anything you want. 

Usually, you can get 500MB hosting space with their free plan, but if you need more space to create your website, you can buy more freedom from their premium plans. 

They also provide google analytic, SEO customized functionalities, and more.

I love most about Site123: their user interface, just cold, and very easy to use functionalities! So as a beginner, you should try this builder if you’re looking for the best free website builder.

Would you like to try this out? Then click here to try it for designing a beautiful website in a minute.

#5. Mozello – The Free Website Building Tool

mozello Website Builder

Mozello provides the essential elements that help to design a simple website for small businesses.

And it’s a suitable website building tool, but you might know it won’t offer the full set of functionalities you’ll get with the high-level site builders like Weebly and Wix.

As a freemium site builder tool, it lets you create a site at no cost at all in a few moments, and their responsive themes allow you to customize some of your theme’s essential functions.

Did you know that what’s the main attraction of this builder? Maybe you don’t know! Ok, no problem, let me help you with that, 

One of the best features of this tool is its support for multiple languages, and I think only a few website builders offer this kind of opportunity for their users.

And they also offer some of the coolest features like a powerful inbuilt E-Commerce function, easy blogging option, and SEO optimized function.

Overall, Mozello is a little bit pricy website building tool, but don’t worry, because they also have a free plan that will give an option for creating a blogging and straightforward site very quickly.

#6. Strikingly: Responsive Website Building Tool

Creating a website is simple, but designing a website with 100% responsive pages is not easy without any responsive web building tool.

I mean by this sentence that this problem can be solved by the Strikingly because Strikingly is a 100% responsive website builder that helps you design mobile, tablet, computer-friendly pages.

The editing tool of this builder is well-structured and very easy to use. You can change or design anything on your design page using their easy drag-and-drop tool.

What I most love about the tool is switching your design without losing any content, which means that you don’t have to start from scratch all over again when you need to change your previous layout to a new design.

Moreover, the drag & drop editor will offer you full control of the general appearance of your navigation, headlines, and buttons, etc.

Over thousands of websites have been launched through Strikingly, and this is only because it’s a tool that helps a lot for beginners who don’t have any programming skills.

Strikingly is mainly perfect and recommended for creating blogging sites, personal branding websites, any event sites, or they can be used for building an eCommerce store for selling products online.

So click here to try this Strikingly for free!

#7. Webnode – Create a Website For Your Client!

webnode Website Builder

With over 40 million real active registered users, it’s one of the most popular players in the site-building arena. 

Did you know that recently they launched a new version of their platform? I’m sure you might don’t know! 

However, these changes made their platform more powerful and more user-friendly, and which is more than I like!

As like Surprisingly, Webnode also supports multilingual, and offers a range of powerful website making options that will make you happy!

Notes: While most of the website designing platform in the list is for the user without a ton od coding skill, this is specifically for people or companies who create websites for clients, which means that the HTML and CSS are entirely in your control.

It would be best if you remember when you design a website with this platform after developing your site. You’ll need to transfer the site to a CMS platform.

With this platform, you’ll find some of the great features like its drag and drop widgets to add social components, video, and google maps, that don’t require any programming skills.

But getting the full benefits of it, you have to know basic HTML and CSS. But if you already know these, you should try the builder once!

#8. Jimdo: The Number One Website Builder Choice For Buiding A Online Store:

jimdo Site Builder Free

For its well-thought-out features, Jimdo has become one of the most used site-building tools to the online product sellers because Jimdo primarily provides services for the eCommerce sector.

You might be surprised to know one fact about this platform is, since its launch in March 2010, 200K+ online stores are already created using only this platform,

And most of them are happy with the platform, So imagine if you’re going to start an eCommerce business, then you should try out this platform at once!

#9. SimpleSite – Best Mobile Editor

simplesite Site Builder

SimpleSite is the nice number pick of answering your question of the best website builders for free, but this platform isn’t right for everybody!

It would be the right choice for those people who are beginners in this website building world. 

If you think of yourself as a freshman, you should try this builder once, and I hope you’ll love it!

#10. IM Creator

imcreator Website Builder

The last one is this IM Creator used by over 11 million sites, and it’s one of the easy-to-use website building tools that can help you make your site by following a few steps.

The reason behind its popularity is, you’ll find an easy point-and-click dashboard, unlimited hosting space, domain services, and an extensive range of themes and templates with images.

Moreover, you can have either multipage or single layouts, and this website builder is scalable!

IM Creator is usually a little bit unique for its built-in eCommerce functionalities and provides Google analytic and search engine optimization to help you with google ranking ultimately.

Summing-Up: What are The Best Website Builders For Free?

At the ending moment, remember that “Nothing is Free” If you want to get something, you have to give something,

So with this in your mind, you have to select a website builder. Today this list of the best and free website building tools are not entirely free,

They have just a free option for gathering customers like you and me! And when you create a free website with these builders, you’ll get their limited opportunities.