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Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review!

You may know about Bluehost offer the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services, or just heard it! And want to read an in-deep analysis of Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review! Right?

Okay, don’t worry, just make sure you have enough time on your hand to read the complete and all in one review of Bluehost WordPress Hosting!

Today you’re going to know about why you should choose Bluehost wordpress hosting to host your site? How is their customer service, their hosting pricing & plans, and more?

So if you’re searching for a kind of Bluehost wordpress hosting review where you can get all the things that you should know before you go to buy their wordpress hosting, then just keep reading!

#1. Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review Overview:

What is Bluehost WordPress hosting?

They are one of the most popular managed WP hosting providers, and they offer WordPress-Specific several advanced features.

Let’s straightforwardly take a look at these, and then I will go into the full discussion!

These are:

Now, if we look at the main attraction of Bluehost managed wordpress hosting, you can see these features,

 Unlimited storage: if you need a lot of space to host your website files, this is an excellent feature for you!

Unlimited site: you’ll be able to host as many different wordpress websites as you would like to install.

Unlimited Bandwidth: if you get a lot of traffic, this is the required thing that you’ll need for your site to handle your traffic. So this option would be great for you if you have a lot of traffic on your site! 

Built-in Cloudflare: you might know about Cloudflare and also see the importance of CDN for a website, so this feature makes it easy to set up a CDN.

Affordable Price Range: as their quality, server health, customer services, and hosting space and bandwidth, Bluehost offers an affordable product price range, so that every online marketer can be able to start their website at a low cost for the first year.

Server Speed: since they offer wordpress-based hosting with an optimized server, they focus on the loading speed time, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Customer services: Bluehost can provide friendly customer services 24/7 via email, phone, and live chat.

Hosting Dashboard: they offer the most user-friendly hosting Dashboard to the customer to easily manage their websites.

Okay, now you may have a short overview of Bluehost that they offer with their WordPress hosting and why most online marketers prefer Bluehost hosting.

Now it’s time to discover more about Bluehost wordpress hosting than your imagination.

So let’s jump into the knowing steps,

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#2. Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing

Bluehost offers three different kinds of wordpress hosting services, so depending on your needs and purpose, you can choose your favorite plan from these options!

Three Types of Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans:

Okay, now let me discuss these plans to get an idea of which plan will be perfect for your needs and why you should choose the plan?

1. Fully Managed WordPress Hosting:

Usually, Managed WordPress Hosting is the most popular hosting plan for any medium size of business and websites because this kind of plan comes with lots of features.

I’m also using managed wordpress hosting for one of my sites, and I’m happy with its speed, security, server uptime, and more!

Now let’s take a look at what features comes with the Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting?

Built for WordPress: they make for just wordpress, you can’t host any of your custom sites on this kind of server, and this is why it’s perfect for building wordpress sites!

Accessible to Managing: one of the most significant advantages of using a managed hosting is managing everything from your hosting dashboard. Suppose you want to install a theme or a plugin, you can easily do this from your dashboard.

Security: when you want to build a website, you may want to make your site secure, so with this in mind, Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate with all of their plans.

Unlimited Websites: This plan offers you unlimited WordPress installs and customization.

Unlimited Domain Names: if you want to run multiple wordpress sites on WP Pro hosting plan, to provide each site an individual domain.

Unlimited Subdomains: Make your wordpress website in any way that makes judgment to you. There are no boundaries on how many subdomains you can create. It’s simple to do!

Staging Environment: A staging environment recognizes you to test your WordPress site before publishing it live. Securely preview any modifications or updates.

No Traffic Limits For You Site: Bluehost will not slow down your site from reaching your goals. If you have a large web traffic size, you can drive more traffic to your website as much as possible because they provide unlimited bandwidth for your site!

SSL Certificate For Free: you’ll get a free SSL certificate to encrypt the connection between your hosting server and site’s visitors to protect ground personal data, payment pieces of information, and more!

WordPress Installation Easily: it so simple to install wordpress with Bluehost managed wordpress hosting, and you can do it very quickly!

Be Protected From Spamming With Bluehost: Their Plans come with Akismet officially to help you filter out harmful things before these things reach your site’s comment area!

Get Verified on GMB: you can list your local business online to fastly connect with buyers in your local location, and offer them to see your business area, your business hours of operation on google maps.

Pure SSD Disk Space: SSD hosting helps us to load our sites faster than the traditional hosting server, so if you want to get a taste of SSD (Solid State Drives), you may love Bluehost for its!

Free CDN Setup: with Bluehost, you’ll get a free CDN setup that will make your site faster.

WordPress Auto-Updates: Bluehost’s system handles this feature. They will send you a confirmation message when your wordpress system needs any updates.

Note: If there is any problem while the update, Bluehost’s team will help you solve your problem just in a few moments.

Fantastic Customer Services: They stay awake all the time to offer 24/7 customer services with problems related to site uptime, technical issues, billing, performance, or dashboard features!

100% Money-Back Guarantee: You may think this is a kind of trust for all the customers who are new to Bluehost, and this is why they offer you a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

#Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing & Plans:

Is WordPress hosting free?

There are three different plans available in Bluehost managed WordPress hosting, now let’s take a look at which one is most affordable and which one is costly.

Plans Are Here:

Ok, these are the only plans from WP Managed Hosting Section, now let’s jump into the in-deep details of their pricing and features:

  1. The Build Plan: With free 30 days, one Microsoft 365 mailbox, and some of the most common features like daily scheduled backup, marketing center, and jetpack analytics basic plan, you’ll have to pay $19.95 per month for this plan.
  2. The Grow Plan: With Everything in build, jetpack premium version, some of the best business review tools, SEO tools from Bluehost, 10GB  video compression, jetpack ads integration, blue sky premium ticket support, You will have to pay 39.95 dollars per month for this plan. 
  3. The Scale Plan: With everything in growth, jetpack pro version included, payment method integration for an e-commerce store, unlimited backups, and restore, elastic search, complete video compression, and blue sky live chat support, You will have to pay $49.95 per month for this plan.

Summing-Up For This Section: Managed WordPress Hosting Review:-

Build: if you’re a beginner in this wordpress website building world or thinking of building a brand new professional wordpress website with some of the advanced and easy to use features, the “Build”  plan can be the right choice for you!

Grow: if you already have a wordpress site and any running site and want to move your site from your old hosting to new wordpress-based hosting, this plan will make you happy with its advanced features and free tools.

Scale: this is kind of pro! That means, if you’re going to start a large size of business or have going to create an e-commerce site where you need too many server resources or hosting space, this plan would be the number one choice to fulfill your needs.

2. Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting Review

Shared WordPress Hosting is the best choice for the people who are new to website building, and this type of wordpress hosting is super affordable to buy.

But not provide satisfied server speed and uptime guarantee, because shared hosting means you share your server resources with others. (click here to know more about shared hosting)

Anyway, after knowing some of the facts of shared hosting, now you have to decide what can you do,

But there is good news for you; when you choose a shared wordpress hosting on Bluehost, you’ll get a better server uptime guarantee, better performance than others shared hosting provides.

Such as fast server, 99.98% uptime, automatic wordpress installation, 99% secure wordpress shared hosting, free SSL, one-year free domain name, affordable price, and more!

Now let’s take a look at what features come with these plans!

Automatic WP Installation: Once you have bought the plan, they automatically install the latest version of wordpress on your server very quickly.

Microsoft 365: you can access your personal or business email anywhere with MS 365, and it’s quite simple to set up.

First Year Free Domain Name: you’ll enjoy a free domain of your choice with the Bluehost shared hosting plans.

Automatic WP Update Feature: They will keep your site secure even after your account creation by managing your hosting account up to date regularly.

Advanced Secure Configuration of Login Credentials: I think this is the coolest thing that can help you to protect your site from hacking.

After wordpress is installed on your server, the login credentials will be charged from the standard WP admin/password to something of your personal choice.

#WordPress Shared Hosting Pricing & Plans:

How do I publish my WordPress site on Bluehost?

Bluehost offers three different types of shared hosting plans, so let’s look at which shared hosting plan can fulfill your needs!

Plans Are Here:

These plans are only from Bluehost WordPress Shared Hosting; now, I’m going to share their pricing and features with you. Let’s jump!

The Basic Plan: you can only host one single wordpress website on this plan and get a free SSL for lifetime uses! 

50GB pure SSD storage with a one-year free domain, five parked domains, 25 subdomains. This plan will cost you $2.95 per month.

Note: when you spend your first 25 dollars on your new Google ads account and MS ads account, you’ll get 100 dollars for google advertisements and 100 dollars for MS advertisement.

The Plus: The Plus plan smarter than the basic plan. You can host unlimited websites, unlimited parked domains, unlimited subdomains, 

Will get a free domain name of your choice for the first year only, and free SSL. If you want to get these, you’ll have to pay $4.95 per month.

Like the Basic plan, it includes Marketing Credit and one MS 365 mailbox for 30 days for free!

The Choice Plus: With Unmetered SSD Storage, it also comes with a one-year free domain name and unlimited website to host, free SSL.

And Unlimited Parked Domains, subdomains, CodeGuard necessary backup, and one MS mailbox for 30 days.

You have to just pay them $5.45 per month for this plan.

3. Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting Review:

The world is going to be more digital, and the competition to sell products online has begun,

And if you want to participate in this competition, you need a professional eCommerce website to sell your product to the customers.

So with this in mind, Bluehost is trying to offer a wordpress-based Wocommerce hosting that includes more than 15+ advanced features!

Now let’s take a look at these features momentarily,

30-day money-back guarantee: As Bluehost thinks, customer satisfaction is the top priority, but unfortunately, if you’re not satisfied with their services, you’ll get your money refund within 30 days.

But there are some terms to follow:

  • You’ll get your money back if you cancel your plan within 30 days on your hosting services only.
  • The guarantee will not apply to most add-on products like domain name registration.
  • If your plan includes a first-year free domain and you want to cancel your plan, you’ll have to pay for the domain name at the regular domain price.
  • You can’t get any refund if you fail to cancel your plan within 30 days of your purchase.


Secure online payment gateways provided: Bluehost will help you to connect your payment gateway with your wordpress store in a safe way.

One Free Domain: Did you know that a comprehensive online store starts with an excellent domain name? Don’t worry, Bluehost will give you one for free.

Auto-Installation for WooCommerce: Bluehost offers free Woocommerce installing, activating, and configuring to the beginner’s online entrepreneurs.

Free SSL Certificate: SSL plays the most critical role in an online store because online stores need online payment transactions that should be highly secure.

Unmetered Bandwidth: have a large number of customers on your online store? Bandwidth is the most important thing, but don’t be afraid because Bluehost provides unlimited Bandwidth so that you can grow your business without being throttled.

GMB Verified: As an online store, Local contacts can lead your business to many more successes. In this case, google my business can be a great way to explore. Bluehost allows you to do this straightforwardly!

Pricing and Plans:

Does WordPress come free with Bluehost?

Now its time to take a look at the prices,

The Starter Plan: With its starter plan, you can run just one online store with 100GB SSD storage.

You’ll get the most popular woo-commerce theme called Storefront as a default theme that is entirely free to use and will get a free SSL, domain name privacy with data protection. ($6.95/mo)

Note: they will help you build your site via calling you, so if you’re a beginner or new to eCommerce, don’t worry! Help is here!

The Plus Plan: All the features of the Starter Plan are included in this Plus plan. but the Plus plan has little more characteristic than the starter one, ($8.95/mo)


  • Unmetered SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Online Stores
  • CodeGuard Backup Basic

The Pro Plan: All the features of the Plus Plan are included in this Pro plan. but the Pro has little more characteristic than the Plus one, ($12.95/mo)


  • CodeGuard Backup Basic
  • Bluehost SEO Tools Start
#Some of the common question from this part

Listen, WordPress is a free and open-source platform, and Bluehost is a web hosting provider; Bluehost just makes their hosting plan with wordpress, so that customers can easily handle their site from one place.

I think you got the answer!

They are divided into different prices depending on their server space, bandwidth, customer support, and more.

#3. Speed and Performance​

Their plans give a wide variety of advanced features to enhance performance, 

See the proof below,

VPS (Virtual Private Server), Bluehost has their own VPS server, so when their customers host sites on their server, they don’t have to share any resources with other site owners.

And  I think this is a big plus point for security and speed.

NGINX: what’s this mean? It means a leaner alternative to the Apache server that is known for its resource capability.

KVM technology: Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a virtualization process that isolates specific hardware resources. For this technology, other users won’t affect your server performance.

Related Question from customers,

BlueHost is very fast, but using heavy themes and files on your website can make your site slow, so there is no fault of those here!

They are divided into different prices depending on their server space, bandwidth, customer support, and more.

#5. Customer Services Tested By WPKnower Team

Live Chat: Live chat is a great way to reach out to a company directly in a few moments, and this is why Bluehost offers 24/7 customer services via live chat!

Email Support: It is a matter of time, but every professional prefers this kind of support and communication. Bluehost provides email ticket support to the customer to solve technical problems.

Phone Call Support:  Phone call support is just like an instant help! You can call Bluehost at 8 am-9 pm.

Think of the rocket, then you’ll get your answer!

#6. Security For Bluehost WordPress Hosting

SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, Its an encryption-based Internet protection protocol that keeps your website secure and safe.

You just have to buy one of Bluehost hosting plans, then you’ll get it.

#8. Should You Use Bluehost WordPress Hosting?

In a word, you should, Because all their plans can meet your needs, But let’s try to understand your needs depending on your question,

I should use Bluehost WordPress Hosting If I,

Summing-Up: Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review:

Just as choosing the right WordPress hosting can increase your online success, so choosing the wrong WordPress hosting can ruin your online success.

So when you think about buying a wordpress hosting, you should research more as much as possible.

But if you say about Bluehost, how Bluehost is? Then I will highly recommend them without any questions!