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10+ High Da Pa Directory Submission Sites in 2021!

Which are the best and free high DA PA Directory Submission Sites? This is one of the common questions that I’ve got from so many new SEO learners and brand new website owners!

Because as their new sites and new learning purpose, they want to get a more high-quality backlink for their sites by submitting their site links to the directory websites.

This process is one of the oldest and common ways to make a backlink for a website, and when you create a backlink using a directory site, you may know that you can get quality links with different types of anchor texts that help you to get ranked in google search.

The process of getting links from a directory site is one of the fastest and easiest ways to rank any new website, but the keyword you target is must be long-tail and low competitive. 

Before you go, you should know something about directory submission sites. Usually, this type of site can accept paid and free site submissions, so you may need to spend some $ to active your link-building campaign.

When you create links from multiple sites, you may also need to join membership-based sites, and these sites will charge you annually for every single link submissions.

But it’s not as simple as it seems, you’ll need to create a lot of links to get more traffic to your site, so I’ve made it simple to get more links from other sites because here, I have tried to list down the ten best and high DA PA directory submissions site list that helps you to grow your site instantly (Although not, it can take up to 1-2 month to rank your page in the first position on google)

First of all, I would like to share my personal recommended sites with you that I’ve used to get backlinks from these sites.

Top 10 High DA PA Directory Submissions Site List:

NoDirectory Sites ListServices TypeRank
1http://www.blogflux.comFree and Paid190239
2http://www.ontoplist.comFree and Paid292868
3http://www.viesearch.comFree and Paid152410
4http://www.directoryworld.netFree and Paid453411
5http://www.bloghints.comFree and Paid591605
6http://www.infotiger.comFree and Paid234450
7http://www.anoox.comFree and Paid155571
8http://www.cipinet.comFree and Paid188556
9http://www.1abc.orgFree and Paid257369
10http://www.tsection.comFree and Paid352245
Sites List!

Now before you go into another list of the best directory site for the backlink, let me tell you some tips about the topic!

Type of Directory Submission Sites:

In a word of SEO, there are three types of directory sites that we found the online free listing, reciprocal listing, and the last one is paid listing.

These three types of ways are used for getting high-quality backlinks from other sites.

Now Let me clear these types below:

Free Listing: this is the kind of process where you can get a backlink by just creating an account, and the way is completely free of cost, so you don’t have to pay any $$ to get links from free listing sites.

Reciprocal Listing: in Reciprocal listing sites, you’ll have to link to the directory site in your site, and when you create a link for them, you’ll be allowed to get links from their site.

Paid Listing: this way is now one of the most common and popular ways to get a link from a directory site, and this way gives you instant approval because you pay for this!

But from an SEO perspective, this way is not the right way to make a backlink for your website because google does not like any paid link!

Okay, now I’m going to show you a short detail of the advantages of getting a backlink for a directory site.

Advantages of High DA PA Directory Submission Site:

This common way is also among the SEO strategies used by SEO experts, so with everything in mind, 

  • If you can find some of the best and well-quality sites list, your site will provide necessary exposure online. Directory submitting is also helps the brand value of your website. However, some of the SEO Experts say that today there is no chance to get proper juice by submitting the site to the directory site. But I will say that try you personally and then try to follow the process.
  • Most of the time, the directory sites offer high-quality backlinks because they have over 60+ site’s DA scores on average.
  • If you have chosen the perfect KW for your website, your directory will be visible on the google search engine page.
  • If you’re just getting started a new site, you may get more traffic from the directory sites you shared your site’s link!


Finding the best and high DA PA directory sites and then creating backlinks on these sites is not an easy process, to do that, you have to spend some times finding the right sites,

But if you follow this list of the 10 best directory sites, I hope you can create and get backlinks for your website!