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Elementor Discount Code Get (Upto 40% Discount in 2021)

Elementor is one of the most popular website page builders for wordpress CMS. It mainly helps us to create any kind of website in just a few moments.

But when it comes to its price, we can see that the tool offers its free version that you can get for free, but if you would like to use the tool’s full functionalities, you have to pay $49 for getting their lifetime deal.

Elementor Promo Code:

So here, I shared Elementor running and upcoming offers and promo code, and also I will guide you on how you can use the code and how you can be able to get their highest discount.

You’ll just need to stay connected with the page,

Note: After clicking the discount button, if you’ll not get any discount, you have to understand that they’re not running any promotional offers or discounts at the moment. If any offers are running, the discount code will automatically be applied to your checkout page.

Today  we’ll learn these things:

  • What is the Elementor Discount Code?
  • What Is Elementor?
  • How does Elementor Page Builder work?
  • Elementor Pro VS Free,
  • What’s the benefit of using Elementor?
  • Elementor Features!
  • Elementor Pro with Big Discount Code,
  • And More

So let’s get started with today’s discussion. 

#What is the Elementor Discount Code?

Elementor discount or coupon code is a kind of code used for getting special discounts when you buy any of  Elementor products like Elementor page builder, themes, add-ons, or anything from the elementor site!

Usually, we (web designers), when deciding to buy the best website page builder for WordPress, need to buy the elementor. Although elementor offers a free version of their product, getting the best and more useful feature for designing a professional website in wordpress, you’ll need the premium version to get all the premium features of Elememtor.

The free version is enough for making a website. We can use almost all the features. We can get features like text box, heading, image, video, audio, shortcode, the image with icon, social media sharing, and more.

But some features like post grid, custom CSS, and something like that are not available in the Elementor free version, so if you want to get these features, you’ll get to buy the premium version.

What is Elementor?

Elementor discount Code

I’m sure that you’re one of the new website designers or wordpress learners because you ask me this question. Commonly almost all the wordpress website designers know about the Elementor, and they use the tool too!

Elementor is the free and ultimate helpful third-party wordpress page builder that helps us (Web designers) design any website in a few moments because it is straightforward to use to drag-and-drop page building features.

There are so many wordpress page builders that you can find on the market, but from my perspective, I and all the users who use the tool they prefer it and recommend too!

One of the tool’s unique features is we can quickly reach a high level of design while designing live and on the front end of our wordpress site.

You might also know that this tool is the first and only front-end wordpress page builder that offers limitless design options.

Elementor includes dozens of professional and useful widgets, a stunningly designed template library, a visual revision history viewing option, and a unique mobile editing toolset. These options are available in the free version of Elelemtor.

Now let me share with you how does the tool work,

How does Elementor Page Builder work?

Usually, the tool is just focused on building the wordpress pages. The tool replaces the default wordpress editor with a live-focused front-end editor to visually design or create intricate designs or layouts.

We can also design our website with a live preview without switching between the editor and the changing preview mode.

Elementor enables us to reach a top-notch quality of website design without using any programming code so that any non-coder can use the tool without any hassle.

One more thing that you may love about the tools as a web designer is the tool’s interface because the interface is very user-friendly. The tool takes a few moments to get the hang of it.

The developers of this product build the tool with the latest technology, and the page builder itself loads faster!

Elementor Free Version VS Pro Version:

With lots of options and features, selecting the free version and the pro version of the elementor can be trivial!

The free version comes with many great design and website building features, and in addition to that, the pro version takes those designing components to a whole different level and can be of perfect and best use to create pro-level websites.

The free version and pro version both have perfect customization features, but which one would be perfect for you? This is the central question, right?

In this part of the article, I will share the features and functionalities of both of them with you. So let’s take a look at these things!

Elementor Free Version Discount Code:

There is no need to have any discount or coupon code for getting the free version of this tool because the lite version is entirely free to use!

The free version of the elementor is called elementor lite! The free one you can download or install directly from or straight from your website dashboard.

With its free version, you can design almost all kinds of websites quickly, but some of the advanced features will not be included in the free version, but don’t worry, nearly 80% of features are available in the lite version.

Now let’s take a look into what the free version offers?

Elementor Templates Library:

One of the main attractions of the elementor lite version is the Templates Library! The Templates Library offers us a pretty nice template that can be used for creating all kinds of websites in a short time using any free theme from wordpress.

The library offers over 100+ free templates and content blocks to add to the page by selecting from the group.

Free Widgets:

The free version comes with a range of free widgets. Using these free widgets, you can drag and drop to build the website page you want. You’ll find more than 25+ free widget options in the free version.

Elementor Responsive Editing:

This feature is one of the coolest parts of the lite version because it allows us to switch from the desktop view to tablet view and mobile view too! So this process can help you to design our web pages with full responsiveness.

Translation Ready & RTL

When it comes to RTL support, this web page builder is entirely functional because the tool is multilingual and allows both RTL and LTR languages.

Apart from RTL flexibility, Elemantor’s translation is done into over 23+ languages, and you may love one more thing that is the list of translated languages is growing day by day, so if your country language is not supported now in your site that you created by Elementor, just wait, the option you’ll get soon!

Elementor Background Options:

The lite version gives us the ability to customize our page’s background extensively. You can easily change our page or post background color to an impressive gradient style.

If we want to add any video on our page or post when using Elementor, it can also be done without any programming knowledge.

Now let’s take a look at the free widgets of the lite version:

  1. Heading: the heading widget will help us to create an eye-catching headline on our page.
  2. Image: this is the best widget option for adding any size of images to our page.
  3. Text Editor: this is just like our default wordpress editor. But this is better than the primary editor.
  4. Video: Using the widget, we can use video on our site directly from youtube or Vimeo.
  5. Button: we love to create anything that looks likes creative work, so using the widget, we can create an innovative and good-looking button for action.
  6. Image Box: this is a kind of all-in-one option, which means the option includes image, headline, and text.
  7. Icon: we use the option for adding our favorite icon on our page.
  8. Testimonials: this is a quite helpful feature that helps us display what our clients say about us and our works!
  9. Social Icon: for adding all the social media links.
  10. Image Gallery: we show our image or media using this widget for getting better customer engagements
  11. Image carousel: this feature offers us a rotating carousel to display our attractive images to our website visitors.
  12. Icon List: we list our main point using the widget.
  13. Counter: we can display numbers in an escalating manner.
  14.  Progress Bar: this widget offers us an escalating progress bar.
  15. Tabs: Helps us to show different pieces of content.
  16. Accordion: a collapsible show of content.
  17. Toggle: this option is great for adding an FAQ section on our page.
  18. Alert: this option provides us a colored alert box to draw the attention of our reader.
  19. And more!

Now let’s see the pro version of Elementor and what features come with the pro version!

Elementor Pro Version Discount Code and Features:

Click here to get up to 20% off for Elementor Pro!

This premium version works as an add-on to the free version. But the premium adds more features and functionalities to the builder. 

Some of the advanced features make the premium version quite useful, so now let me show you these things to you!

Elementor Theme Builder:

Just a perfect feature that I’ve ever seen! The theme builder is the most powerful tool as the builder offers us control of almost every part of our website.

The web Designers who use the lite version of Elementor, we all know that we can just make changes to the content part only using the free version. But if we use the pro version, we can effectively edit our whole site.

We can create any custom header section for different pages, edit sidebars, redesigning our footer section, and also the pro offers us to make any custom layout pages.

Note: if you would like to start a website design company or agency, the pro version will be an excellent choice for you because this tool will help you create all kinds of websites in just a moment.

Useful Blocks and Page Templates:

Want to make your website faster? All you need to do is just buy the Elementor Pro and get started!  The pro has many pre-designed professional blacks and templates that help us design a website quickly.

This will be more helpful if you’re lazy like me and want to do anything very shortly.  But these options are only available in the premium plan.

Elementor Form Builder:

If you’re already running any website based on wordpress, you might know that we all use a plugin called contact form 7 for adding a contact form on our site. But if you don’t like to add any extra plugin for doing that, you may need to install the Elementor pro and activate that.

The premium plan comes with great features called form builder. Using this option, we can design our own designed contact form very quickly.

Elementor Global Settings:

Do you like to show the same widget in multiple places on your site? The global setting offers us the power to customize a widget from a single place. This process will take effect on all the global widgets areas on our site.

From my perspective, This is just a cool feature that makes the design more quickly and reduces redundant tasks of doing changes all over our website.

Pro Elements:

Believe it or not, it’s an obvious one, yet it can’t be overlooked. We agree that the lite version comes with a range of professional widgets. But these features only can be useful for a person, not for an agency or a web design company. 

And this is where the premium version comes in! The premium version one offers more than 30+ other impressive widgets, such as the theme elements that allow us to customize and design changing options.

Some of the elements provide us the freedom to make a website in our way, and we wish to take this option one step further. We can check out a plugin called Powerpack. This plugin will offer us more widgets in our Elementor plugin.

The Powerpack Elementor widget plugin comes with more than 50+ professional widget options to make our design level one step further!

Elementor Woocommerce Integration:

This is one of the useful features of an e-commerce businessman. If you’re already running an eCommerce site on a wordpress platform or want to build an eCommerce site, you may love this feature that comes in only the pro version of Elementor!

We can design our cart, checkout, product pages with the pro version, and this are just simple. We’ll just need t0 drag and drop the widget to design our online store.

Elementor Pro Plans and Pricing:

Elementor Pricing

Three different options are suitable for everyone to build a website. So let’s take a look at these plans and pricing.

The first plan: personal- if you’re going to build a single website, this tool’s plan is the best one for you! The plan will cost around $49/year. Usually, the plan is one of the first choices for bloggers and any single website owner!

Second Plan: Plus- if you’re going to run up to 1-3 sites for your client or yourself, the plus plan will be the excellent choice for you to get started! I suggest the plus plan for my visitors!

Three Plan: Expert- are you planning to start a web design agency or company? Or do you need more than 1000+sites access that you will make with the tool? Then without any doubt, just try out the expert plan right now!


Here I shared some of the common questions and answers that will help you understand more about the tool!

You can get Elementor latest discount from the official site of Elementor, but you can also get their best deal and buy from here! Just click here and get up to 20% off on your first time! But remember, if Elementor does not run any promotional offer or discount right now, you may not get the offer!

You’ll find the option when you finish your porches. The option will be available on the product card and process to the checkout page. Just you’ll need to enter your discount code and click the apply button. The discount will be deducted from your order amount.

Yes! On the other hand, Elementor also has a pro version of their tool, but we can use almost all the free version features, but if we want to get more features, we’ll need to buy the premium plan!

The tool is a free website page builder based on just wordpress, and it works with all kinds of wordpress themes. And also, it allows us to customize our whole website without any coding skills.

If you love wordpress and make websites with the platform, you may love this tool so much because the tool is one of the best non-coder helpful page builders that helps mainly the new web designers.


Today’s post will help you get more discount for buying the number one and best wordpress page builder.

At the end of the post, I will suggest you use the free version of the tool, but if you need more features to meet your daily needs for creating a website, you may need the pro version of the tool, 

And when you buy the tool, just use the discount code (click here); you’ll get as much as a discount as the company provides right now!