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ExonHost Review -With Buying Guide

So far with 5000+ active website owners, ExonHost offers the best web hosting service for their valuable users.

So buying web hosting from this provider can massively help you to get the best out of a super-fast hosting service for your next website or current site.

But wait, if you’re a new online player and looking for the best domain hosting agency like ExonHost, you may need to read a complete review of this service provider.

No worry, because we’re going to deeply discuss ExonHost Review in this exhaustive article.

Don’t miss out on a single point, Because one reason can change your decision, and you may love them a lot when we talk about their particularly noteworthy features.

A Content Brief Before Jumping into the full parts:

  • Hosting Performance.
  • Advanced Features With Benefits.
  • Do They behave modestly?
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Our Recommendations.
  • Finalize The Review.

ExonHost Hosting Performance:

LiteSpeed Server: Since they offer the LiteSpeed server, so there is no doubt that you’ll get an ultra-fast hosting server, that is enough better than an Apache server.

LiteSpeed server is the leading high-scalability hosting server from LiteSpeed technologies. A hosting provider can replace an existing regular Apache server without changing any other operating system.

SSD Hosting: They also offer SSD hosting with all of their plans, So to get a fast speed for your website, you go one step further.

SSD server faster than HDD, normally because of the aforementioned qualities of developed trustworthiness and greater disk reading speeds.

Surely, you can access all your website data much quicker when you host your site on an SSD hosting plan, it might be four times faster than HDDs.

If you would like to make your website in WordPress with their LiteSpeed server, they will support the best WordPress Cache plugin called  LiteSpeed Cache.

Safe Cloud Technology: ExonHost primarily uses Cloudlinux that allows them to make their server safe from hacking or other types of attack.

This technology also helps them to develop their server stability by encapsulating each user in a safe, isolated circumstance.

Qoic-HTTP/3:This is exactly what the website owner is looking for because HTTP/3 with QUic decreases latency and boosts website speed due to developed parallelization.


The Advanced Features With Benefits They Offers

With so many advanced features, ExonHost takes their service to a higher position on the market. So receiving services from them will be a blessing for you.

Let’s start to talk about their service feature with Automatic Backups,

Automatic Backups:

Backup is important, especially automatic backup because the manual backup is painful for a non-technical person and it will be a time-consuming task.

So you should pick a service that supports automatic backup, which automatically backup your website data,

So if somehow you feel like your website contains any issue you can restore your most recent backup file by yourself or by telling your service provider.

ExonHost plays a very important role in this point because they always say that “No more manual backups” and “Restore your website completely or recover a single folder or file with a single click”.

Simple Script Installer

People want more benefits and one-click-easy-life. So here you can get the thing, with their one-click installer tool, you can simply make your websites like blogging websites, eCommerce sites, service sites, and more.

These all things you can do with a bit of technical knowledge, meaning you don’t have to require any expert technical knowledge.

Free Migration:

If you’re already using a service from another company, you can get a free-migration service from Exonhost, their migration experts will help you quickly.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee:

Uptime is important for your website, especially when it comes to any business or service offering website, if your website is not available for 1 hour, you may lose your customer 🙁

With your needs keep in mind, ExonHost guarantees you a 99.9% server uptime, so there is no chance of losing a customer!

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee:

This is a hugely positive sign of a reputed domain hosting provider, meaning if you’re not satisfied with their service, you’ll get your full money back with no question!

Free SSL Certificate:

We’re not saying that ExonHost is offering a unique benefit in this part, because nowadays, almost all the hosting providers offer a free SSL with their plan.

But they provide unlimited SSL for free, Their easy and auto-renewed SSL certificate will secure your website completely!

Some of Their Default Hosting Features:

  • 20 GBPS DDoS protection
  • Malware and Exploit Scanning
  • Endless Auto Responders
  • PHP, Python, Node.js Version Selector
  • Unlimited MySQL, Email Account, FTP Account, Parked Domains, and Subdomains Creation
  • Latest Cpanel
  • SSH Access Available
  • Awstats & Webalizer
  • And more

Are They Behaving Modestly?

Yes, and they are not only limited to friendly customer support, but they will assist you with what you should do and how you can do anything about your website or domain hosting.

ExonHost mainly offers customer service in various ways, so let’s take a look at the ways of their customer service.

Live Chat: Using live chat from their website, you can chat with them about any of your issues with your service, they will respond to you like the fastest bird.

Support Tickets: Once you purchase a plan from ExonHost, you’ll be able to get support via the ticket system, where you can send them your issue and they will solve that as soon as they can.

Phone calls and email support: You can reach them directly by phone call and also email directly.

ExonHost Service Plans & Pricing:

There are mainly two sections of hosting plans, different packages of Hosting and Servers, in the hosting plan, there are four plans are available, and in the server plan, there are two plans available, virtual server and dedicated server.


In the Hosting plan, You’ll see,

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Turbo Hosting
  3. BDIX Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting

Web Hosting: In this section, you’ll see there are three different plans,

Starter: if you’re just planning to make a simple website, this is the most recommended plan from ExonHost. The plan costs $3.10 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 5 GB Pure SSD Storage With 250 GB Bandwidth
  • Two websites
  • LiteSpeed with LSCache
  • Toolkit
  • Security Shield

Standard: Looking for hosting for a small business? The standard package is suitable for you. The plan costs $5.21 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 10 GB SSD Storage with 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Websites
  • Others are as same as the starter package

Advanced: This package is Ideal for moderate traffic, so if you’re looking for power and enhanced performance, try the plan! The plan costs $9.71 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 20 GB SSD Storage with 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Websites
  • Others are as same as the standard package

Turbo Hosting: Three different plans,

Turbo Plus: Turbo plus is an easy management plan for all, and it costs $14.99 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 50 GB SSD Storage with Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Others are as same as the Web Hosting Plans

Turbo Power: It’s a hassle-free and resource full plan for any mid-level business. The plan costs $22.49 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 75 GB SSD Storage with Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Others are as same as the Turbo Plus

Turbo Prestige: With 100 GB SSD space, you’ll not have any worry about the Storage. The plan costs $27.74 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 100 GB SSD Storage with Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Others are as same as the Turbo Power

BDIX Hosting: Three different plans are available,

Starter: Want to get started with a basic website? Try the plan once! The plan costs $3.99 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 5 GB SSD Storage with 250 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 Websites
  • Others are as same as the Turbo Plans

Standard: If you want to host too many sites on one server, this is the right plan. The plan costs $7.95 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 10 GB SSD Storage with 500 GB Bandwidth.
  • 5 Websites
  • Others are as same as the BDIX stater plan

Advanced: This is the most powerful plan in this category, recommended only for the mid-large type of business. The plan costs $12.95 Per Month.

Package Details:

  • 20 GB SSD Storage with 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Websites
  • Others are as same as the BDIX standard plan

Reseller Hosting:

In this plan, There are also three plans, R-stater, R-standard, and R-Advanced, these are mainly not suggested for a normal user, these plans are suitable for hosting business, so if you’re going to start a server business, you can choose the reseller plans.

The R-Starter plan comes with 20GB SSD and 500 GB bandwidth, 25 cPanel, 1GB RAM, and 1 core CPU per cPanel.

You can also run your business with the Whitelabel Reselling system, use your logo, private nameserver, and more. All you can get at $21.34 per month.

In the R-Standard plan, by paying only $33.54 per month, you can get a 50 GB SSD space with 1000 GB Bandwidth, 50 cPanel. Other benefits are the same as the R-Starter plan.

The R-Advanced plan comes with 100GB SSD with 2000GB Bandwidth and 100 cPanel at only $62.20 per month, Other benefits are the same as the R-Standard plan.

Exonhost Virtual Server: If you’re a developer and looking for a reliable VPS service, ExonHost makes it simple for you.

You can customize your plan based on your requirements, you can select how much RAM, CPU Core, IP Address,  SSD Space you need for your app or website to handle the process.

Click here to see their VPS plans!

Dedicated Server: In addition to VPS hosting, ExonHost also offers Fully Managed Dedicated Servers, as for the VPS plans, you can choose your preferred plans. Click here to check out all the packages.

Domain Name: There’s nothing hidden. ExonHost provides a standard price for domain names. You can also transfer your existing domain name from another provider to ExonHost, but it will cost $10.96.

Extra About ExonHost and Our Recommendations:

Well, we just finished the most important parts of the article about ExonHost Review, now we’re going to tell you something extra about them and lastly give you some useful recommendations.

In addition to domain hosting, they also offer business email hosting at an affordable price.

You can also buy a separate SSL for your domain name. But the price seems higher compared to others.

Recommendations: As mentioned, ExonHost is one of the best domain hosting service providers based-on Bangladesh, but their services are spread worldwide.

They know what’s the need for a customer, ensures better service quality, and improve it day by day.

They are truly the best in this industry, but not for all of you, only pick their service once you feel you need that particular service to start your business or something that you need.

Choose one plan that will meet your needs, if the project you want to start is small, pick a small plan, if the project is large, then pick their advanced plans.

Finalize The Review:

At the last moment of the comprehensive guide about ExonHost Review, we’re not saying they are the best provider in terms of all points of view.

However, when you compare ExonHost service to others especially keeping the price in line with the service quality, you’ll see “ExonHost at the top of your list”

So without thinking any further, invest your money in good service, while we’re confident that we’ve shared the most dependable review today!