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How to Check WordPress Theme of Any Website?

To check the WordPress theme of any website, right-click on the webpage and select “Inspect.” In the HTML code, look for the “wp-content” folder to identify the theme.

When browsing a website, the theme being utilized can greatly impact its appearance and functionality. Checking the WordPress theme of a website is a straightforward process that can provide valuable insights for your own site development or design inspiration. By following a few simple steps, you can quickly identify the theme a website is using and gain a better understanding of how different themes can impact user experience.

Let’s explore the easy method to check the WordPress theme of any website and the significance of understanding various themes in web design.

How to Check WordPress Theme of Any Website?


Why Check WordPress Theme?

Why Check WordPress Theme?

Benefits Of Checking WordPress Theme

One of the major benefits of checking a WordPress theme is ensuring its quality and compatibility. It allows you to determine if the theme is well-coded, optimized for speed, and mobile-friendly. Additionally, inspecting the theme gives you the opportunity to assess its design and functionality, ensuring that it aligns with your website’s goals and branding.

Importance Of Knowing The Theme

Knowing the theme used by a website is crucial for various reasons. It enables you to gain insights into the technical aspects of the website such as its layout, features, and performance. Understanding the theme also helps in identifying the plugins and customizations that have been integrated, providing valuable information for troubleshooting or replicating functionality on your own site.

How to Check WordPress Theme of Any Website?


Methods To Check WordPress Theme

Using Browser Developer Tools

Inspect webpage elements via browser tools to identify active WordPress theme.

Using Online WordPress Theme Detectors

Utilize online tools to detect WordPress theme with ease and accuracy.

Checking WordPress Theme Manually

When it comes to checking the WordPress theme of any website, one effective method is to perform the process manually. By looking at the source code and examining the CSS files, you can pinpoint the theme being used.

Looking At The Source Code

To identify the WordPress theme of a website, inspect the source code by navigating to the webpage and right-clicking to choose the ‘View Page Source’ or ‘Inspect’ option. Look for the line starting with <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 5.X.X" to locate the theme version.

Examining The Css Files

Another way to determine the WordPress theme is by examining the stylesheet (style.css) within the theme directory. Ensure to check for the Theme Name and Theme URI specified at the beginning of the CSS file to accurately identify the theme used.

How to Check WordPress Theme of Any Website?


Using WordPress Theme Detectors

WordPress theme detectors are useful tools that allow you to easily check the theme used by any website. With just a few clicks, you can uncover the theme’s name, version, and other details, helping you gain insights and inspiration for your own website design.

Introduction To Theme Detectors

Using WordPress theme detectors is an efficient way to identify the theme a website is using. Theme detectors can provide valuable insights for users looking to replicate a website’s design or seeking to understand the technologies utilized in the site’s development. These tools scan a website’s code and extract information about the WordPress theme being used.

Popular WordPress Theme Detection Tools

There are several WordPress theme detection tools available that can assist in identifying the theme being used on a particular website. Below are some popular theme detection tools:

  • What WordPress Theme Is That: This tool allows users to enter the URL of a website and immediately identifies the theme and plugins being utilized.
  • WP Theme Detector: WP Theme Detector not only identifies the theme but also provides additional details such as the theme author, version, and a list of plugins used.
  • ScanWP: ScanWP offers comprehensive details about the WordPress theme, including the theme name, version, author, and a list of installed plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Check WordPress Theme Of Any Website?

How Do I Find Out What WordPress Theme A Website Is Using?

To find out the WordPress theme of a website, you can use a tool like WhatWPThemeIsThat or WP Theme Detector. Just enter the website URL, and these tools will analyze and display the theme used by the website.

How Do I Find The Current Theme Of WordPress?

You can find the current WordPress theme by logging into the admin area and going to Appearance > Themes. The active theme will be displayed at the top of the page.

How Do I Extract A WordPress Theme From My Website?

To extract a WordPress theme from your website, access the WordPress admin panel, go to Appearance, then Themes. Select the theme and click on the Download button to save it on your computer.

How Do I Find The Template Of A Website?

To find a website’s template, right-click on the webpage, then select ‘Inspect’ or ‘View Page Source. ‘ Look for ‘link rel=”stylesheet”‘ to view the template name.


Checking a WordPress theme is crucial for website assessment. By using online tools, inspecting the theme’s design, and understanding the theme’s features, you can easily determine the theme of any website. Understanding the theme can provide insights into the website’s performance and enable you to make informed decisions for your own site.