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Is Grammarly Safe? (Complete Grammarly Review From Expert)

I’m a professional blogger and editor for over three years, and I’m using Grammarly very happily! It mainly helps me find writing errors in my content, and finally, it gives me a chance to sort out and publish those messy writings!

Moreover, Grammarly is the best grammar checker in the world of writing. It’s safe and useful to use tools that allow you to use anywhere you want, like in your browser, mobile phone (only have the Grammarly keyboard), computer application. Also, recently Grammarly offered their Tool for Mac users on their Microsoft Word! 

So, I think now you have a little bit idea about Grammarly and want to know more about it! Right? 

Well. Let’s jump into the full Grammarly review! Because in today’s review, I covered almost everything like why you should use a grammar checker, will Grammarly be perfect for you, the pricing, and more about this!

So let’s get started!

Table of Contents

    Is Grammarly Safe?

    According to their privacy policy, you transmit your essential document to their servers over the internet. As a result, Grammarly can’t guarantee 100% security.

    But if we look at their promises,

    • Grammarly cares about your data, and they are committed to protecting your privacy.
    • Grammarly does not sell your information to any third party companies.
    • They use some of the trusted third-party companies to help provide their services more professionally.
    • They use cookies on their website to provide, promote, and protect their benefits.

    If you have any more questions about Grammarly’s privacy policy, then you can check out the Grammarly privacy policy page!

    #Why Do You Need a Grammar Checker?

    If you’re an editor or a writer, you may know the importance of a well-organized document. But did you know that when you write something in your notepad or anywhere else, you can make grammar mistakes?

    I know you’re serious about it, and that’s why you may want a grammar checker to find out your grammar mistakes in your writing!

    But I saw that many people are not serious about their writing errors and they publish their writing without solving their grammar mistakes! Which is an unexpected mistake!

    Grammar checking is essential for the scrupulousness and quality of an article. A perfect and well-quality grammar checking tool ensures that content is free from all single grammatical mistakes. 

    Almost all the grammar checking tools prompt you to use mistaken sentence formation. 

    It often turns out with an exciting arrangement of your improper grammar use, supporting you to improve all your punctuation mistakes.

    #How a Grammar Checker Helps You?

    Here are the top 5 reasons for how a grammar checker helps you!

    1. Your content will be filtered for grammar check-in for a short time!
    2. You’ll have the ability to build up your writing aptitudes, which means if you focus on the recommendation, you’ll be able to find out how to develop your writing in the long run!
    1. Your work will be checked for errors rationally.
    2. An Ideal Grammar Checking tool can support you with widening your jargon.
    3. You can use grammar checking software as a training field to develop your communication in English.

    So, I think you’re now clear and understand the importance of a grammar checker!

    Now let me go to the main topic of today!

    What is Grammarly?

    Grammarly digital online grammar checker tool that helps people to communicate more efficiently.

    For mistake-free writing, millions of users use Grammarly every day, and with only this Tool, millions of people find it’s a helpful tool, which is why Grammarly is called an all-in the solution for the writers.

    Grammarly is not only one of the great solutions for grammar checking, but it also makes your writing more understandable. It helps you make the perfect impression on the visitor based on your goals and audience!

    Moreover, Grammarly uses a powerful AI on their system that can check the tone of your correspondence and offers so many synonym suggestions to make your document more precise and readable!

    Along with this, Grammarly checks your content for plagiarism, and I think this is a fascinating bonus from Grammarly that you can find in the paid version of Grammarly!

    You can’t imagine that Grammarly can check more than 25o types of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors and enhance vocabulary usage.

    How to Use Grammarly?

    Grammarly no longer works like all other standard tools, and there are so many ways out there to check your grammar mistakes, but what about all the other things that go into a solid piece of content?

    Grammarly app makes sure everything you type is not only perfect but also explicit and comfortable to read.

    If we look at their clean algorithms, we can see that the algorithms flag potential matters in the text and produce context-specific recommendations to improve structure, spelling and usage, technique, wordiness, punctuation, and plagiarism!

    So you can make a conscious decision about how to fix a problem and what I most love about Grammarly is it offers a better quality user experience and the ability to use it efficiently!

    To get it’s easy to use user experience, you need to install the Grammarly free version google chrome extension. When you’re done to do this step successfully, Grammarly will help you write entirely and correctly on nearly every website on the internet.

    When you write anything on a site, you’ll see the green color logo in the bottom right corner text field, which is being checked by the Tool!

    If you don’t feel comfortable doing your grammar check on any website, you probably may want to use their desktop app connected with your Microsoft office word. To do this, you’ll need to download and install their window application and set up the app with your MS word! Don’t worry because it’s straightforward to set up!

    Moreover, if you would like to use Grammarly on your android, ISO, or iPad, you can download the app from your app gallery, which is free to use!

    Where Can I Use Grammarly?

    There are so many ways when you ask me where I can use Grammarly because Grammarly works everywhere, like on your browser, mobile phone, computer, Ipad, and more!

    Is Grammarly Easy to Use For Everyone?

    It is straightforward and easy to install the Tool in your browser, mobile phone, or iPad because it is designed so that every user can take maximum advantage of it!

    It’s an easy way to use online as if you can write or post on social media, you can use this Tool, and it’s that simple!

    I especially would like to thank the Grammarly team for Mac and Windows. The mobile keyboard of it, and even the web extension, takes only a few seconds to download and install and make this live spelling and grammar checker part of your document workflow!

    Here How I Work With Grammarly

    1. I write a draft
    2. Paste my draft into my premium Grammarly Tool
    3. I try to check myself for a while to see if there is anything wrong.
    4. Then I start myself-edit based on Grammarly recommendation.
    5. And lastly, I publish the article to my site! It’s just simple, as I said!

    Grammarly only takes me a few moments to check my whole writing with no technical headaches! 

    So if you’re worried about using it and think it is a bit difficult to use, then correct your mistake and install the Tool on your computer now and start your error-free writing journey!

    Who is Grammarly Good For?

    Grammarly is all in one solution for native English writers and those who aren’t comfortable writing in English.

    If you’re a blogger like me, an author, any business professional who wants to write an official document, or a student, you should use this Tool in your daily life to improve your English.

    You might be surprised to hear about one thing, and that is, for any professional or new writers, this Tool acts as another line of defense, even if they are native English writers!

    And not only that, but this Tool provides settings specific to American English, Canadian English, British English, Australian English, and so on!

    Grammarly also can be an excellent choice for those people who want to make sure their article or blog post and book is accurate and very easy to read!

    But as a student and blogger, I think that the premium plan of this Tool would be more useful if you have a batch of work and want to check.

    So here is my recommendation for you: take out a premium plan for a month only, test your work and then cancel the project if you need to.

    The Grammarly Plagiarism Detector: Plagiarism Review!

    If you’re a professional blogger or a document editor, you may know the importance of a plagiarism detector.

    Because if you publish your content without checking your plagiarism, you may fail to achieve your success because plagiarism content has no value online!

    So it would help if you took care of your content and must check the content using some of the best plagiarism content checkers. 

    But in Grammarly, you can get a plagiarism checker that can help you to check your content.

    Content marketers and bloggers like me find this very useful because it offers me to check if I have unintentionally copied content from my research source and then forgotten to edit my article to make the article original.

    This is a great feature that comes with the Grammarly’s premium plan!

    How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

    Grammarly Pricing
    Grammarly Pricing

    Grammarly makes their pricing plan based on its product quality and features too!

    As you can see, the premium plan costs 29.95 dollars per month, the quarterly premium plan costs 19.98 dollars per month, which is billed as one payment of 59.95 dollars, and the annual program costs 11.66 dollars per month, which is billed as one payment of $139.95.

    But I think you should check out the free version of Grammarly because it offers so many useful features!

    But if you would like to use Grammarly’s full feature, then you should try out the paid version!

    Now let’s compare Grammarly free version vs. premium version vs. Business

    Grammarly’s free version is like a bonus because it’s free for everyone to use, and it comes with a lot of features.

    The free version will be great for new bloggers or any new writers with minimal writing tools.

    But if you’re curious about the premium version, it offers a detailed report about each of your writing mistakes in the pop-up window.

    It also comes with some additional writing insights and the capability to set writing goals and one more thing that you may notice that it will find & fix your writing issues more than the free version.

    So if you would like to get more features from the Grammarly premium plan, you can take out this one here!

    I’m using the premium version of Grammarly, and I’m fully satisfied with the plan.

    But did you know that recently, Grammarly offered a business plan of their system, and this plan comes with so many advanced features like:

    • For multiple users, this plan comes with user management controls for security and privacy.
    • Centralized billing
    • 24/7 support via Email
    • And some of the monitoring tools for checking engagement trends

    This business plan costs 15 Dollars per month per user and could be a great option if you have any writing team and need a grammar checker.

    Let’s Show You A Video!

    How Accurate is Grammarly: Grammarly Review!

    After your writing, If you want to check your grammar error in your content. The grammar checking tool helps you find out the mistakes you made.

    And all you have to do is click on the arrow to figure out more about the 


    When you click on a grammar error in your text, the grammar checker tool presents an explanation of the problem. 

    All you have to do is click on the arrow to find out more about the implications, and It recognizes possible solutions and explanations for your error.

    This Tool helped us identify:

    • Overuse of the passive voice
    • Wordy sentences
    • Repetitious words
    • Basic writing and grammar errors like misplaced apostrophes
    • Spelling errors
    • Disconcerted prepositions
    • Long sentences to edit down

    Grammarly is a great tool that provides us several features and guarantees us almost 99% accurate sentences.

    Human Proofreader vs. Grammarly:

    Are you wondering about this fact? Yes, can this grammar checker tool replace a human proofreader?

    But after writing this post, my answer is no!

    This Tool overlooked some errors, particularly in creative article writing and fiction, so it doesn’t always offer the feedback or context that a real human provides.

    So don’t compare this Tool with a human proofreader!

    How to use Grammarly on Google Chrome Browser?

    Of the many options for using this Tool correctly, I use and prefer this option the most because it’s very simple to me, and I know when you’ll use this option for Grammarly, you’ll love Grammarly a lot!

    Grammarly Chrome extension is the most popular option for many editors or online writers, and the reason behind this is that it supports almost all the websites that online have!

    So if you’re a Chrome user like me and want to use the Tool on your browser, you’ll be able to use the Tool by just installing it on your browser! So just ready to install the Grammarly extension and get started! 

    Now, let’s see how to use it on your chrome browser.

    How to use Grammarly on Chrome?

    There are two different options for installing the Tool on your browser. I’ll show both of them to you.

    These are:

    • You can install the Tool directly from the official Grammarly site 
    • Or you can install the Tool from the chrome web store very easily!

    Now let me show you the first option,

    #How to Install The Tool Directly From Grammarly Site

    Step 1: When you’ll try to install the extension from Grammarly, you’ll need to create an account on their site, and if you already have an account on their site, you’ll need to log in to your account using your password and email address.

    Now, Visit the Grammarly by clicking here!

    Step 2: Find out the extension by log into your Grammarly account page. Now you’ll see this option.

    Now you’ll have to check out the apps, and then you’ll see there are four different options. The first one is like this.

    Grammarly Review
    Grammarly Review

    If it hadn’t been installed yet on your chrome browser, then you would have seen an Installation button instead of the Active button.

    Step 3: Now you need to check on the install button, and the Tool will be installed on your chrome browser, but this is not the final step, that means when you will be done to do step 3, you’ll need to activate the Tool which I will be shown in the next step!


    Step 4: go to the Grammarly icon and look at the top right corner of your chrome browser, and after that, check out on the Grammarly icon, and it will open the drop-down menu option.

    Step 5: This is the final step of activating Grammarly directly from Grammarly, to completing the last degree, you’ll need to swap the Check for Grammar on the new tab button right and then Grammarly will automatically help you to be activated on your chrome browser.

    And when you’re done, step up these all things, you will start noticing that all of your online writing is remaining reviewed in real-time for detecting flaws.

    So, I hope you understand the whole thing of how to activate the Tool directly from Grammarly!

    Now let me show you how you can add the Tool on your browser directly from the chrome web store,

    How to install Grammarly directly from the chrome web store

    Just follow these steps to installing the Tool directly from the chrome web store!

    Step 1: Launch your browser. Once your chrome browser is fully loaded, go to the control button that you’ll find on the top of the right corner.

    Step 2: find out the more tools option from the control option and then go to the extension button, 

    Step 3: find a button called open chrome web store from the menu, and you’ll see the chrome web store world!

    Step 4: Find the search button in the web store and search for Grammarly, then you’ll see the Grammarly extension!

    Hit the add to the chrome button; then, you’ll see that the extension will start installing in your browser.

    And when you’re done, you’ll need to follow steps 4 and 5 from my previous method.

    Remember that: these methods will work well even without signing up for an account, but if you want to get a better experience, you’ll need to create an account on Grammarly. 

    Why Use the Extension For Writing?

    This excellent tool helps you to detect flaws in your writing, but if you want to use this Tool on its native platform, you must copy your written documents and then paste into the Grammarly checking box, and I think this is hectic work in most cases!

    But this is not a final option for you. You can also check your writing by uploading your documents to Grammarly’s native platform, but you should have downloadable formatted content to get this experience!

    But there is also a great feature waiting for you, and that is if you want to use this Tool while creating content online, you need to use the extension and activate the Tool on your browser!

    You’ll find the Tool handy when you’re crafting blog posts on your website, writing Emails for anyone, leaving comments on the blog post. This is some feature that I love the most about the Tool!

    But there is a problem with the Tool, and that is, Grammarly has no access to some site, where you’ll not be able to use the Tool, but don’t worry because it has access on most of the site!

    Quora is one of the websites where this Tool doesn’t work.

    Grammarly For MS Office: Review & How To Use?

    Again thanks to Grammarly because Grammarly offers us to use their Tool in MS office, which is excellent for windows users like me! 

    So, let us see a quick review and also a short guide to this facility.

    #Grammarly supports only these operating system for their Tool:
    1. Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10
    2. Parallels (Windows OS on a Mac system)

    And let’s see the supported versions of office: MS 207 to the latest one 2019.

    Note: you can use the Tool in your MS office with an Office 365 subscription as long as your plan offers one of the supported MS Office versions.

    How to use Grammarly in the MS office?

    Go to the Grammarly website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create an account by clicking here.

    Once you log in to your account, you need to click out the app button on the left side, and then you’ll see a button called Grammarly for Microsoft office. So click here and download the application from there.

    When the file is completely downloaded, you’ll need to install the app on your computer, so install the app, but remember one thing that during the installation process, you must select “Grammarly for the word” and “Grammarly for outlook.”

    And when the app is installed on your computer, you’ll see a welcome message from Grammarly!

    Ok, now you need to open your MS Office word. When you open your info, you’ll see an extra option on the top bar,

    Now you have completed so many steps to install the Tool, now you need to click the Grammarly button on your MS word file and log in to your Grammarly account, and after installing the Tool, you can quickly launch it from the ribbon.

    #How to Use Grammarly With Outlook?

    When you ultimately set up the Tool in outlook, you can see the new Grammarly pane on the right of its window when you write any email messages.

    If you face any trouble to find out the Grammarly pane, you should click out the “open Grammarly” in the Home tab of the ribbon at the top of the window.

    You can also find more tabs of Grammarly in outlook’s ribbon to discover the option in the ribbon, but if you want more features of it, you need to buy the Grammarly premium plan, which costs around $11.66 per month.

    As you work, Grammarly will give you so many suggestions based on your writing issues at the bottom of its pane,

    You’ll see there are two types of suggestions:

    The first one is basic, which is available only for the free version of Grammarly. The last one is premium that is only available for the premium users of Grammarly!

    These basic suggestions are limited to punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Still, if you want to get the additional feedback on readability, writing style, and vocabulary, you must upgrade your free plan to premium.

    Moreover, this Tool shows the suggested edits in the Grammarly page. This option arranges these notes, so the proposed changes line up error horizontally in the email message that helps them more or less side-by-side.

    Grammarly Keyboard Review!

    The Grammarly keyboard is a free productivity android application that helps users proofread and edit any written documents for punctuation, spelling, or grammar issues within texts, social media posts, messages, and more!

    This application’s main attraction is it’s a free app that helps a lot to the users.

    FAQ Section:

    Is Grammarly for free?

    Grammarly has a free plan, but not all programs are free!

    Does Google own Grammarly?

    No! Grammarly was created in 2009 by Max Lutvyn, Ukrainians Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider.
    The backend engine of Grammarly was written in common Lisp, and Grammarly inc owned Grammarly in October 2018

    Does Grammarly steal your data?

    They do this, but they don’t share your data to others

    Is Grammarly better than Word?

    Grammarly is mainly a tool that helps you check your grammar mistakes in your writing, but MS Word is not a tool. But it’s a document writing application.

    Who uses Grammarly?

    I’m one of those who use Grammarly and trust the Tool because millions of writers and editors worldwide use Grammarly, and Grammarly licensed by more than 600+ leading corporations and universities!

    Why should I use Grammarly?

    If you want mistakes-free writing, then you should use Grammarly.

    Why is Grammarly everywhere?

    Because Grammarly helps you to get their product in anywhere

    Is Grammarly malware?

    Malware is a kind of illegal Tool that is created to harm your device, but Grammarly is not Malware. So don’t worry!

    What is an excellent Grammarly score?

    60, Yes, 60 is a good score of Grammarly, and you should aim for a mark of 60 or higher than 60. If you get this score from your writing, your content will be easy to read and clear!

    Is Grammarly useful for students?

    Yes! Grammarly helps the students to make their writing errors free and easy to read!

    The Bottom Line, Grammarly Review: 

    Grammarly is a very affordable and useful tool that helps millions of users to make their writing error-free and easy to read.

    So if you want to use the most potent and advanced grammar checking tool, you should check out this Tool.