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Why is WordPress better than Wix?

One of my friends asked me, why WordPress is better than Wix? But did you know what was my answer to that question and why I told him that WordPress is much better than Wix?

My answer to this question was, Wix and WordPress are both systems for creating a website,

but they have entirely different approaches.

WordPress is mainly a CMS (content management system) used for creating all kinds of websites,

while Wix is a website builder used for creating a simple website!

Generally, all the website builders are easy to use, and the thing that you’ll notice is that web builders are less customizable.

But the good thing is that they include hosting with their plans, so you don’t have to set up these things like connecting your domain with hosting!

I hope you got some ideas about these!

Now let’s go for more details,

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Why is WordPress better than Wix?

Now we’re going to know why WordPress is better than the Wix web builder,

and also we’ll learn about some of the key differences between these two web software.

WordPress VS Wix: Difference Between These Web Software

it’s an open-source (CMS) that used for building all kinds of websites from-scratch while Wix is just a website builder that helps the beginner to build a simple site.

That means WordPress is more potent than Wix, but when you use WordPress, you need more technical knowhow to use.

But if you would like to use Wix as your website builder, you can easily design a website in a minute, which is a time-saving factor.

Wix has so many pre-designed templates which look like professional and they built-in security, in house features, 

On the other hand, if you want to create a complex website, WordPress will be a great option that will also give you more flexibility and total control on your site!

Now let me short down the pros and cons of these tools

Advantages of WordPress


Why WordPress is better than Wix
Why WordPress is better than Wix
  1. WordPress is trusted by 34% of website owners all over the world! And it’s the most popular CMS in the world.
  2. It’s an open-source and easy to use platform where you can build any website for free or paid
  3. It has many advanced customization options and providing you a great native blogging feature, including a commenting option!
  4. It’s perfect for selling anything online by the world’s most popular plugin Woocommerce.
  5. And so on!

Disadvantages of WordPress

  1. There is no dedicated support team for your help, but you can get all the problem-solving tutorials and guides on the internet!
  2. You may need to install various plugins to add new features that may slow down your website!
  3. Frequent Theme and Plugin Updates

Advantages of Wix 

Why wix is better than wordpress
  1. No coding knowledge is required, and very easy to use.
  2. Wix comes with built-in sales features with all e-commerce plans
  3. You’ll get a dedicated support team from the Wix
  4. Advanced security included!
  5. And so on

Wix Disadvantages of Wix 

  1. The starter plans of Wix included ads
  2. You’ll not get any unlimited plans
  3. The drag and drop designing features are great, but these features can limit your creativity.
  4. SEO can be difficult on this platform

Ease of Use:

Many people choose WordPress because of its flexibility popularity, but with the popularity and flexibility comes complexity.

If you’re a tech guy or have any programming knowledge, WordPress makes the world your oyster. You can do anything with WordPress, and also you can create all kinds of websites with WordPress,

but you’ll need advanced technical knowledge to make adjustments!

But if you want to prioritize WordPress and work with it, you can hire an experienced developer!

While there are limits to Wix, it is built and designed specifically,

so it would be easy for you to watch some tutorials on how to create a website with Wix!

Wix is a (WYSIWYG) Website Builder that stands for (What you see is what you get) so you can drag and drop anything in your design page like slideshows, paragraphs, pictures, Shopping cart button, and more.

So, After knowing these things, you should try out Wix once that is easy to use.

Check here to try out Wix!

Design & Customization:

Really! There is no limit to how much you can customize a WordPress site because WordPress offers you so many different kinds of tools, plugins to design what you’re like, but as you know that it is not very much simple to do!

Also, WordPress Provides you the ability to make a wholesale change to its theme and put your stamp on your website!

Moreover, WordPress has so many free templates called “Theme” you can Work-Off, but if you want to make a site that will look like a professional site,

you’ll need a WordPress premium theme from a pro developer and theme agency!

But if you need a simple blog site or any simple site else, you may go to the free option! Because I think for the new site, a free theme can be a better option! Why am I saying this? Because my first WordPress site was made by a free theme called Astra theme! 

Now Let’s talk about the price of premium WordPress themes. Most of the WordPress premium themes cost between $20-$300!

They are by no means cheap, but are in the excellent price range if you want a professional and website that protects against updates and bugs!

On the other hand, Wix has a massive range of 500+ useful looking templates pre-populated with demo content. They are also categorized by industry to help you get an idea of what your final website may look like! 

The most time-saving factor about Wix is that each template will have built-in features relevant to the industry it’s categorized under.

Another great thing about this Wik platform is that if you aren’t bothered about customization and design,

or don’t have any time to make a design, there is a solution for that, yes! Wix ADI, It’s a design assisted tool that will help you to create your site faster!

When you use the Wix ADI tool to design your site, this tool will ask you some questions about your site like your site name, site purpose, and design preferences.

WordPress VS Wix: Customization & Design: Verdict

After so much discussion, we can say that WordPress is better than Wix because WordPress has many features,

and you’ll have the ability to change and customize anything.

But it can also be said that if you want an easy and straightforward site builder, without any doubt, Wix is the perfect solution for you!

On the other hand, Wix is just simple and easy to use web builder, which allows you to create a simple site without features.

But if we notice these two tools’ design, we can see that they provide the professional design to the user.

Extra Features From The Plugins and Apps!

WIX APP Market

Apps and plugins both do the same thing: they help WordPress and Wix users add more functionality!

If I tell you some of the common add-ons to you like adding twitter or Facebook feeds to a website, adding SEO settings on a site, speed up a site, adding a contact form, and more!

WordPress is free to use, and it’s an open-source platform, which means that anyone can use this and modify it. Any coder or programmer can use this platform to develop their plugins and themes for others.

And I think that is the main reason this platform is the most popular CMS in the world, and more than 75 million websites are using this, and it’s expected to continue growing.

Suppose we only count the number of WordPress plugins. In that case, there are 55,000+ WordPress plugins out there that have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times, which is an excellent achievement for WordPress.

But there is the fact that WordPress is so significant is also a potential problem, yes!

Because imagine once, if you have a little bit of knowledge about coding, you can create a WordPress theme or plugin that carries it’s one set of risks.

But on the other hand, we can see that Wix is not an open-source platform, and its developer makes all of the tools used in this platform. That is why Wix gives the best security than WordPress! And also, their tools are wholly integrated into their web builder.

Besides, their app market is growing, so it is easy to add a lot of functionality to your Wix website because they are completely integrated.

Which Is The Better Platform For Online Store?

Why You Should Design your ecommerce site with wordpress

When it comes to selecting the best platform for selling anything online, you’ll see there are so many platforms out there like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

Still, if we only see the difference between Wix and WordPress to find outing which platform is better for an online store, you may choose Wix!

Because Wix offers much easier to use online store fasciitis to the users and also gives a built-in e-commerce platform that allows you to sell your products online.

But don’t compare Wix between Shopify because Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. They are just built for eCommerce and online stores, which gives a range of facilities to an eCommerce entrepreneur.

On the other hand, WordPress might be the best solution for an eCommerce entrepreneur because WordPress comes with a lot of eCommerce functionalities.

If we see the average online store that uses WordPress, most erudite people use WordPress as their online store platform!

But there is a fact that is if you want to use WordPress, you need to know about technology. Otherwise, you may fail to use WordPress.

Because when you set up your online store using WordPress, you’ll need to install some plugins and set them up, which is not as simple as you thought!

In WordPress, Woocommerce is the all-in-one plugin used for building eCommerce stores in WordPress,

and you may be surprised that woo-commerce is entirely free for use.

And another good news is it is possible to create an online shopping mall in WordPress for free!

But if you’re new in WordPress, you may not be able to do this quickly because there are so many things that you need to know about WordPress when you create an online store in WordPress!

Here I’d recommend that if you have proper knowledge about WordPress, you’ll create an online shopping mall. Still, if you don’t know WordPress, you can hire an experienced WordPress Expert for your project!

Hire an Experienced WordPress Expert For Your Ecommerce Project!

Wix offers a built-in and straightforward eCommerce platform that would be perfect for those new to the online marketplace, but Wix is not perfect for a pure eCommerce business!

On the other hand, WordPress is a little technical, but it will give you many benefits for online stores,

and it will allow you to sell anything online using their different kinds of themes, plugins, third-party tools and more!

Which platform is right for blogging? Wix or WordPress?

For a blogging platform, these two platforms keep an essential role! But from them which one is better, this is the main topic! Right?

First of all, WordPress and Wix are both perfect for blogging, and they offer comprehensive support for a blog.

Wix provides most common and basic blogging features like it supports articles and has an archive of free media like images, GIFs, and videos and includes tagging and categories.

There is a feature that I love the most, and that is using the Wix blog app, you can write, publish, edit blog directly from your mobile device.

Wix offers so many users looking for blogging templates to choose from and use to use functionality for blogging!

But Wix doesn’t have any tremendous commenting system. They have their commenting system.

While WordPress comes with so many advanced blogging functionalities, that is why it’s the most popular platform for blogging. (Now not only for blogging but also now it’s a complete solution for online marketers)

WordPress includes an option to feature an image across the top of an article, and also, you can backdate a post in a safe, private mode, which makes it invisible to your visitors!


WordPress would be an excellent option for a blogging platform in terms of features, popularity, and user experience. It has so many more advanced features than Wix like private posts option, native commenting, user-friendly blogging template and more!

But if you want to start a blog with a simple platform, then you may go to the Wix platform to start your blogging journey!

Which One Is The Best For SEO

SEO is the most significant thing when it comes to choosing the right platform for your website.

Before we go to the SEO discussion, let me tell you something about SEO and why SEO is essential for a website.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a kind of process to improve your site for getting the number 1 ranking on the top of the google search.

SEO is essential for a website because if your site is not SEO friendly, you’ll not get any ranking from google search and other search engines like Bing, Baidu.

How many visitors you will get from search engines will depend on your website’s SEO, so when you choose a platform for creating a website, you must research this thing.

Ok, I think you’re now clear about SEO, now let’s talk about the SEO friendliness of these two platforms,

Wix and WordPress have something in common in the SEO system, and both rely on plugins or apps!

When you’ll use WordPress and set up a WordPress SEO setting, you’ll need to install and activate an SEO plugin (there are so many SEO plugins for WordPress).

Still, from them, an SEO plugin called Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins that provides so many SEO features to the WordPress users, and 5 million websites are using this plugin.


This plugin has both a free and premium version, but I’m personally using the free version because, in the free version, you’ll get all the things that need to do a better SEO on your website!

But if you want to use the paid version of this plugin, you can use the plugin only for $69 for one single WordPress website.

On the other hand, Wix also has some of the dedicated SEO apps, and from them, the most popular one is site booster, which is free if you’re signed up to an Unlimited plan or higher,

It has so many cool SEO features like WordPress, such as targeting any specific keyword for a blog post,

Website performance tracking, embedding a company address in the search results page and more


WordPress & Wix both provide solid SEO for your website; both have built-in SEO tools essential and offer plugins or apps which allow you to access more SEO features.

But, I think that, on WordPress, Yoast is an excellent plugin for SEO, and it’s better than the Wix site booster!

#Help and Support:

When you choose a web platform for creating your website, you must have to see the support and help center of these platforms because when you create a website, you may face so many troubles.

So at this moment, you need support for solving these problems, but if you fail to find a web platform where there is no support system and helpline, you may break down!

But there is no worry about it because you’re going to choose Wix or WordPress, and you’ll find so many resources, supports, guides, tutorials about Wix and WordPress.

WordPress: WordPress has its community where you’ll find an overwhelming number of tutorials to help you. If you search in google for your WordPress problem, you’ll find many answers from different kinds of sites.

Besides, if you want to learn WordPress, you can search on YouTube, and you’ll get so many tutorials on this topic!

Wix: like WordPress, you’ll find so many guides and tutorials online and also forms. But for paid subscribers, Wix offers a dedicated support team and email, phone number support as well!

If you buy one of Wix’s paid plans, the support team will save your time to solve any problem related to Wix.


There are so many resources about WordPress on the internet, but in terms of quality support and step by step guides, Wix offers a lot more support and help than WordPress but only for the paid users!

#Pricing and Ongoing Commitments:

Now let’s talk about how much money do you need to invest in your site and which platform gives you the best value for your money, WordPress, or Wix?


WIX Pricing
WIx Pricing

As you can see that Wix has seven premium pricing plans. Also, it’s included one free plan to get started for new users, and as the users move up the plans, the users get access to more features!

For saving between 17% and 24% per year, I’d recommend you to sign up to an annual plan, and if you want to get a free domain for one year,

you need to sign up one of the unlimited, combo, pro, eCommerce, VIP plans, and this plan will also give you $300 in advertisement vouchers!


For creating a website with WordPress, you need to buy a domain name, need to buy your hosting services (Siteground would be better or your need)

You can register a domain name only for $8 a year, and hosting costs for a year maybe $50, so $58 a year!

Now let me calculate the total amount of dollars that need to create a website with WordPress.

A reasonable looking, professional theme costs around 25$-300$, it depends on how reputable the theme agency or the theme developer is.

If you want some extra functionalities on your WordPress site, you may need to buy some plugins that cost around $30-$100, 

In my opinion, A standard quality plugin costs around $50, so a plugin = $50

In my opinion, a standard quality theme costs around $60, so a WordPress theme= 60$

Creating a website with WordPress may need to spend around $168, which is only for the first year, but to the next year, you need to spend around $58 a year!

Notes: This is only if you create your site yourself, but if you want to build your website with an experienced WordPress developer, you need to set a separate budget for development!

Which can start from $100 to $1000, depending on your requirements?


We can see that Wix’s price is cheaper than WordPress, and Wix comes with a monthly payment system, but WordPress is not like that!

When you create a WordPress site, you need to buy domain hosting, themes, plugins that cost more than Wix, and in Wix, you’ll find everything you need to make a site at a low monthly cost in one plan,

but in terms of functionalities, advanced uses and controls, WordPress allows better than Wix!

# Summary of Today’s Discussion: WordPress VS Wix

I think now you have a strong knowledge of WordPress and Wix are, and how these two platforms work.

I have covered the actual differences between the two platforms, and now you may decide which platform will be the perfect choice for your needs!

Wix is all in one website builder and easy to use platform designed to help anyone build a stunning site.

Meanwhile, WordPress is a flexible and most powerful website building software or web platform that offers ultimate control over your website, from security to design, an excellent option for every beginner who is new on the website creating the world!

WordPress is excellent for designing complex sites but needs hard to get to grips with. Contrariwise, Wix is hugely more comfortable to use, but it doesn’t have the same level of adaptability that WordPress provides. But I think Wix is more useful if you require a handsome site to live immediately.

Here is a summary!

Why WordPress is better than Wix

Easy of Use: 

Wix: without any programming knowledge, you can use this platform to create a website using the drag-and-drop website builder, and it’s a very user-friendly and easy to use platform!

WordPress: it’s a not beginner-friendly platform, and only then WordPress will be best for you when you can program and do some of the technical things with WordPress, otherwise, you have to hire a WordPress expert to create your website on WordPress.

So, here’s the champion is Wix in terms of easy to use!

In Terms of Design and Customization

WordPress:  we can say that WordPress gives you the ability of limitless control over your website, but to get this control over your site, you need to have advanced programming skills!

Wix: Wix provides you over 500+ good looking and professional style templates to choose from, but there is a fact, and that is, you can’t switch templates without redesigning your Wix website!

So, here’s the champion is WordPress

In terms of plugins & apps integration!

Wix: Wix offers its limited customization, but all the functions and features are closely monitored & controlled, and also they are tested to ensure work correctly!

WordPress: WordPress offers you very customizable & very flexible control over your site, but it might be problematic if any of your custom plugins or tools break down!

So, here’s the champion: Wix!

Ecommerce facilities:

WordPress: when you choose WordPress just only for eCommerce, you’ll find a lot of facilities on WordPress because WordPress provides a different kind of facilities to the eCommerce entrepreneurs like you can sell physical products, digital products, or anything on WordPress,

even you can create choice WordPress as your all in one eCommerce solution! 

Wix: Wix just only has it’s built-in sales features on its eCommerce plans, but they are not perfect for selling anything online, which means you can sell products using the Wix eCommerce platform!

So, here’s the champion: WordPress!

Blogging Platform:

WordPress: from their starting time to current time, they are one of the most well-known platforms for blogging where you can find all the necessary things that need for blogging

like professional blogging theme (almost free), categories and tagging features, along with features images, private posting system, post backdating and more!

Wix: although they started their journey as a blogging platform, they were not as popular as WordPress, but they are still doing very well!

And they support categories, mobile blogging and contributing authors, tagging and provides a free media library for their users!

So, here’s the champion: WordPress!

SEO Optimization

WordPress: WordPress comes with its own basic SEO optimized way, and you want to do advanced SEO optimization on your site, you need to install and set up one of the SEO plugins from the WordPress plugins library like Yoast SEO plugin!

Wix: Wix also comes with some default SEO functionalities, but for doing advanced SEO in the Wix website, you need to install one of their SEO apps from their apps library like site booster is the most popular SEO app in Wix!

     So, here’s the champion: WordPress and Wix! 

Support & Help

WordPress: WordPress has their own biggest community forum where you’ll find all kinds of solutions for your problem related to WordPress,

but their community forum is not well organized, and that is why you’ll not be able to get an answer from the community instantly.

Wix: with it’s paid user access, you’ll have the ability to get support from the Wix’s dedicated support team, and also, they’ll support you via email or phone call!

So, here’s the champion: Wix!

Plan & Pricing

WordPress: Building a WordPress website for small business or personal blogs could range from $50-500, and creating an eCommerce site could range from $400- $15000,

but you should remember one thing: will depend on your need and purpose!

Wix: Wix offers you a variety of website building plans, which start from $13 a month to $49 a month (It will be based on annual plans),

and one more thing about Wix and that is you can use Wix for free, but there is some limitation!

That was the whole discussion today, and I hope you now have a clear idea of why WordPress is better than Wix and why you should use WordPress!

But if you’re still confused and want to hire a WordPress expert to build your dream WordPress website,

you can contact me by clicking here, or can hire me at Fiverr!