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How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Use? Bloggers Should Know!

WordPress is tremendous and has so many options to change or customize, and there is no doubt that wordpress is one of the best website building platforms. But if you need more options and more features on your wordpress website, you might need to install some third-party plugins to get more features.

WordPress plugins make our life easy to do so many things on our website. But as a beginner, you might be confused about how many wordpress plugins you should use on your site, right?

Well, it will depend on your needs, how many extra options do you want, and more. But usually, some plugins may need on a blogging website. Although installing or having a lot of plugins are not required for your website. 

But there are some initial plugins that you’ll need to install on your site and use them.

Now I’m going to show you some of the best and must-have plugins you have to use on your site.

Which WordPress Plugins Should You Use?

First of all, using the plugin is your personal choice, Because each website is created for different purposes.

We just install WordPress plugins to get more customization options and features.

Most pro bloggers suggest to the new bloggers that try to use minimal plugins because every plugin has extra code that makes our website more heavy and risky too!

Using a wordpress plugin is not always the right solution because using custom code to replace a wordpress plugin is better than using a plugin. Of course, to do this, you have to know more about coding.

So using a plugin is ordinarily preferable. But don’t forget that using more plugins means you increase the number of times your website takes to load.

And this is why bloggers use some must-have plugins. Let us show you them,

Must-Have WordPress Plugins List:

WordPress SEO Plugin: Yoast- this is the first and one of the best free SEO plugins for a wordpress website. The plugins come with many features that offer us use for free and easy to use options.

Yoast helps us to make our blog post optimazed for google ranking and local SEO optimization too!

WordPress Plugin For Speed Optimization:  WP Total Cache– this is a must-have plugin used for making your website faster.

Spam Protection: Akismet– this plugin helps us to fight against spam and trackback spam.

WordPress Back Up Plugin: WP-DBManager is all one wordpress plugin that will help us optimize and backups our site’s database.

WordPress Image Optimization Plugin: SEO-Friendly Images– the plugin let us add an alt tag onto our images that help our blog images get indexed and rank into google search.

So these are some initial plugins that all bloggers use for their website. But there are also some plugins that bloggers use. Bit if you’re a new blogger, I will recommend you to use these plugins only to get started your new blog.

So I hope you have understudied how many wordpress plugins you should use on your website!

Below some of the common questions that I’ve got from visitors like you!

What is a plugin on WordPress?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of tool containing a group of options that can be used to a WordPress site.
The plugin helps add more functionalities to a WordPress site; this type of software is made with PHP programming language and combines seamlessly with WordPress

Do you need plugins for WordPress?

Yes or no, which one? Well, if you need more options and functionalities, then you must have to use plugins. But if you’re satisfied with the primary choice that comes with the theme you’re using, then you might not require any extra plugins!

How many WordPress plugins are there?

You’ll find more than 65K premium plugins out there, and there are also has over 50K+ free plugins out there. Click here to see all of these free plugins from

How many plugins are too many for WordPress?

The question seems entirely subjective to me because it will depend on your needs and your website requirement! But if you have used over 40+ plugins and use any shared hosting, this will not be good. In this cause, you need to deactivate some plugins. But a standard number of plugins that you must have to use is 5-10.

How do I install a WordPress plugin?

Watch the video for a better understanding!


So, at the end of the post on how many wordpress plugins you should use on your WordPress site, I’ll only want to tell you that don’t try to use unnecessary plugins to make your website slow affect your site health.
If you still have any questions about today’s topic, I’m always here to help you solve your problem. Just let me tell the thing using the connect form here!

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