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What Is The Preferred Method In WordPress For Adding A Css File To A Theme Or Plugin?

If you have a wordpress site, sometimes you may need to add some CSS code for changing your Theme or add some extra functionality to your site.

Today, I will share you with the answer to this question: What is the preferred method in WordPress For Adding A CSS File To A Theme Or Plugin?

There are so many options for adding a CSS file to a WordPress theme or plugin, like using an FTP account, using theme customizer, and more!

But in this guide, we’re just going to show you some of the simple and easy ways to adding CSS code to a WordPress theme or plugin.

And you can do this thing without editing your main theme file, so don’t worry!

What Is The Preferred Method In WordPress For Adding A Css File To A Theme Or Plugin?

Way Number #1. Using Your Theme Customizer

If you’re a WordPress user since its 4.7 version, you might know that you can add any custom CSS code to your site using the theme customizer.

This is the most popular easy way for beginners wordpress users to add any CSS code to their site.

To do this thing, you need to go to your wordpress dashboard, and Theme> Customize page,

Now you’ll find so many options on the left pane, and you need to click on the Additional CSS tab for adding CSS code.

The Additional tab will show you a box where you can get an option for adding your code, 

Best Way To Add CSS in WordPress Website
Best Way To Add CSS in WordPress Website

One of the great features of using the process of adding CSS code is seeing your applied change at your changing time.

And you can continue adding your CSS code until you are happy with how you want to change the design.

But remember that you should not forget to save and publish your changes.

Because if you do not click the save and publish button, all your work will be in vain.

Remember: When you add any custom CSS using this way, the CSS code only available with that particular Theme,

But if you want to add CSS code with other themes, you have to need to copy and paste the CSS code to the new Theme using the same way.

Way Number #2. Adding CSS Using A Plugin

My first way only gives you the ability to save CSS for your activated Theme, so when you change your Theme, You will lose everything,

But there is still a solution for that. You have to copy and paste the CSS code from your previous Theme to the new Theme. 

But if you need to add your custom CSS that will be applied regardless of which Theme you are using, then it is the way you might love a lot.

To get started in this way, first, you’ll need to install and activate a most popular plugin called “Simple Custom CSS.”

When it is done, you’ll get an option for adding CSS code to your themes, and this option will be available in Appearance > Custom CSS.

Best Way To Add CSS in WordPress Website

So, paste or write your custom CSS code into the option and save the change.

Now Let me share some of the features that you’ll find in this plugin.

Simple Custom CSS Plugin:

This is a plugin designed to meet administrators’ needs who want to add their custom CSS code to their website.

And one of the great things that the plugin offers that the code created with the plugin will render even if the wordpress theme is changed or deleted.

Features of The Plugin

  • It comes with a customizer control penal with a live preview
  • You don’t need to configure any Additional Aditional setting to use the plugin
  • You’ll get a native wordpress codemirror on the setting page
  • No complicated database queries
  • Easy to use.

I hope this entire guide helped you add custom CSS to your website, So get ready and start out adding CSS to your site quickly with the method and plugin that I have shown you in the post.

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